Webex - Basic Information

Joining a Meeting:

You can join a Webex meeting by simply clicking the invitation link. With most devices, Webex will automatically install the app, which you can also download beforehand. With Linux computers or Chromebooks the meeting simply opens in the browser. Webex is very similar to Zoom (if you are more familiar with that).


If you want to know more about how the interface works, there are several things you can do. For once, you could start a meeting without anyone else participating and try out the various settings. Webex has its own help center where you find information on, e.g. how to join a meeting. There are general tutorial videos on YouTube, but some also go into more details, e.g. on how to share PowerPoint slides or film clips.


Sharing Content:

To share content, you click the rectangle with the arrow pointing upwards (at the bottom of your screen). It is better to only share the app (e.g. PowerPoint) and not your entire screen. In the latest version of Webex the full screen is on your left (in the pop-up window) and the apps on the right-hand side. You have to select the screen you want and then click share. If you want to stop sharing, you have to move your cursor all the way up to the top of the screen, which opens an interface/menu where you have different options (e.g. switching between screens/apps. “Stop sharing” is the left-most option). You should be able to see (some of) the participants while sharing your screen. In the top right corner of the main window you can adjust the layout, which mainly concerns how the windows are displayed in relation to each other.


Please Note:

Mute your microphone while other people are talking to avoid sharing background noises.