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Elisabeth Krieber

Elisabeth is a PhD student at the department of American Studies at the University of Salzburg. Her PhD project focuses on the transmedial representation of women’s autobiographical subjectivities in graphic narratives and their adaptations. Elisabeth’s research interests include Autobiography, Comics and Media Studies as well as Gender and Women Studies.

Markus Oppolzer

Markus Oppolzer is an Associate Professor of Literary Studies and TEFL at the Department of English and American Studies at the University of Salzburg. His research interests are visual narrative media, auto/biography and teaching literatures and cultures in secondary schools.

Hartmut Stöckl

Hartmut Stöckl is full professor of English and Applied Linguistics at Salzburg University, Austria. His main research areas are in semiotics, text/discourse/media linguistics & stylistics, pragmatics and multimodal communication. A recurrent theme surfacing in most of his work is a concern with a pluralistic theory of the multimodal text and effective analytical methods for uncovering its structures and styles. He is particularly interested in the linkage of language and image in modern media, typography and an aesthetic appreciation of advertising. His latest edited volumes are: The Handbook Language in Multimodal Contexts (2016, de Gruyter), Shifts Toward Image-Centricity in Contemporary Multimodal Practices (2020, Routledge/New York), and The Rhetoric of Multimodal Communication (2021, Special Issue/Visual Communication).


Poster and program: Evelyn Krieber

The Conference is hosted at the University of Salzburg and sponsored by the Doctorat School PLUS research group “Linguistics: Contact – Variation – Change”