Janina Wildfeuer

Dr Janina Wildfeuer is Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication and Information Studies at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Her main research interests lie in the areas of multimodal linguistics, media studies, discourse analysis, and semiotics. She analyses comics, films, video games and other multimodal documents in several projects exploring the notion of multimodal discourse. Her publications include the textbooks Multimodality (2017) and Multimodalität (2020, both co-authored with John Bateman and Tuomo Hiippala), Comicanalyse (2019, with Packard, Rauscher, Sina, Thon and Wilde), several edited collections as well as contributions and articles on the analysis of multimodal artifacts, mostly focusing on interdisciplinary approaches in the humanities and beyond.

Charles Forceville

Charles Forceville is associate professor in the Film/ Media Studies department of Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The key theme in his research is the question how visuals, alone or in combination with other modes, convey meaning. Committed to cognitivist and relevance-theoretic approaches, he writes on multimodality in various genres and media (fiction film, documentary, animation, advertising, comics & cartoons, pictograms & traffic signs, pictures in children’s books). In 1996, he published Pictorial Metaphor in Advertising (Routledge). With Eduardo Urios-Aparisi he co-edited Multimodal Metaphor (Mouton de Gruyter, 2009); with Tony Veale and Kurt Feyaerts Creativity and the Agile Mind (Mouton de Gruyter, 2013); and with Assimakis Tseronis Multimodal Argumentation and Rhetoric in Media Genres (Benjamins, 2017). Visual and Multimodal Communication: Applying the Relevance Principle, a monograph proposing how relevance theory can be extended to account for visual and multimodal mass-communication, appeared in 2020 with Oxford University Press. Under his guidance, students of HKU Utrecht made a series of five short animation film on narratology (and one on the JOURNEY metaphor), available on YouTube (2014-2019). Forceville has profiles on Researchgate and

Barbara Postema

Barbara Postema is Lecturer in English for Academic Purposes at Groningen University and an honorary research fellow at Massey University New Zealand. She has contributed work on narrative theory, wordless comics, and abstract comics to Image and Narrative, the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics, and the International Journal of Comic Art, as well as collections such as The Routledge Companion to Comics and Graphic Novels, The Cambridge History of the Graphic Novel, and Abstraction and Comics. Dr. Postema is a former president of the Canadian Society for the Study of Comics (CSSC/SCEBD), and a current Member at Large of the Comics Studies Society (CSS). She is co-editor of Crossing Lines: Transcultural/Transnational Comics Studies, a book series from Wilfrid Laurier University Press.